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Women's Ministry

WOMEN’S MINISTRY Mission Statement
Motivated solely by the gospel, MRIDMI Women’s Ministry exists to assist our congregations in nurturing, encouraging and equipping women to faithfully and fully use their God-given gifts to glorify God.     1 Corinthians 12:27 – Now we are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.



·         To provide resources and ministry organization models to create and strengthen women’s ministry at the congregational level

·         To provide resources that assist women in identifying and using their spiritual gifts for the benefit of the church and to God’s glory

·         To provide advice and encouragement to women of all ages in their desire to grow in faith



The Publications Team of MRIDMI Women’s Ministry exists to provide high quality materials and communications that support the mission of MRIDMI Women’s Ministry.  

            Titus 2:1 – “But speak thou the things which become sound doctrine:”



·         To assist in the production of scripturally sound materials that enhance the spiritual growth of women

·         To create a distinctive format for produced materials

·         To create and implement a variety of venues for communicating the work of MRIDMI Women’s Ministry

·         To work closely with each team to maintain a consistent image for MRIDMI Women’s Ministry  



The Conference Planning Team of MRIDMI Women’s Ministry exists to organize and lead conferences for the purpose of helping women to grow in their knowledge of Scripture, to become better equipped to use their spiritual gifts to their fullest and to encourage one another in their lives of service to God.



·         To organize and host national and/or regional women’s conferences on a regular basis

·         To encourage and equip women for Bible study so that the gospel message may be proclaimed boldly and clearly in their daily lives

·         To provide women with opportunities to network and learn from others how they can serve God email to be announce.

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