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Miracle Revival is a Pentecostal/Deliverance movement established on November 24, 1991 under the leadership of Apostle Dr. Dorinda E. Dean. Miracle Revival Center started out with 24 members in one of the rooms in this building. It was the old All-age school building and now our sanctuary. We had old wooden windows and doors, members had to utilize the desktops for chairs, and two desk with a white sheet for our pulpit. After four months of independent leadership in March 1992, Miracle Revival Center join the leadership of Apostle Dr. Leon Wallace.

After sixteen (16) years of firm spiritual guidance, and countless prophecy from so many spiritual leaders around the world, like Paul, the Lord spoke to Apostle Dean as he had commissioned her to another level of leadership, to that of Apostleship. In January 2008 a new chapter began in the life of the church. Miracle Revival International Ministries, Inc. was established and since that time, churches were established in North Carolina, New Providence, Freeport, Florida, Jamaica, Africa, India and the Philippines. Two schools were established: The School of Theology (DAST) and F. E. Stevens Academy. After eight (8) years of guidance Apostle listened to the voice of God and the cry of the people for spiritual leadership, established MRI Cuba. One ministry she mentors in Ocala, Florida has a prison and hospital ministry, Counseling and Prayer ministry. God has blessed this ministry to open a clothing and food ministry for those in need and our elderly in the community. God has blessed this ministry with our very own radio program called “Breakthrough Empowerment” that is aired every Saturday morning on 107.9 FM all over the Commonwealth of the Bahamas and in some parts of the Florida area.

Small Hope Bay, Andros

Mission Statement
To help people everywhere to become Kingdom citizens, practice Kingdom principles, and maintain spiritual maturity.
Vision Statement

To establish churches as the Spirit of God directs.

  • Construct (state-of-the-art) sanctuaries for each center of the ministry.

  • Enhance the growth of the schools; Norman Ruddock Institute, Divinely anointed School of Theology, F. E. Stevens Educational Center.

  • Obtain our own recording studio.

  • Improve our media, radio, and television programs.

  • Serve the Whole man and equip leaders for the 21st Century and beyond.

"Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature" - Mark 16:15
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