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Youth Ministry

1.      The Mission of MRIDMI Youth Group is to provide a Christ-Centered Youth Ministry so young people can:

          Know Christ

          Grow in Christ

          Become Like Christ

          Go and serve in Christ’s Love


2. Providing a Christ centered youth group where young people can know Christ means leading them to:

·         Recognize their sin

·         Repent from their sin

·         Accept and believe Christ as the means to salvation


3. Providing a place for them to grow in their relationship Christ means teaching them to:

·         Hear the Word of God

·         Study the Word of God

·         Actively participating in worship

·         Develop the discipline of prayer

·         Deepen their faith through relationships with other believers


4. Providing a place for them to become like Christ means directing them to:

·         Pattern their lives after Christ and His teachings

·         Learn from mature believers

·         Live according to God’s Word

·         Be encouraged in their faith by one another

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